Investment Management

Our Approach

Portfolios managed by Cowling Bay Wealth Management encompass long-term, strategic “core” investments that are blended with tactical allocation to achieve the performance you need with the least possible risk.

The investment approach begins with an analysis of each client’s financial needs, from short-term income needs to longer-term, discretionary expenses.

Assets in the portfolio are allocated to distinct asset categories so that clients know their short-term assets are comparatively safe, and long-term assets can remain invested when the market gets volatile.

We strive to recommend the best investment solutions with the lowest fees—and those low fees can make a meaningful impact on net returns over time.

Likewise, limiting tax liabilities within a portfolio can have a significant effect on net investment performance. Several tools for tax-efficient investing are utilized, including:

  • Asset location: Strategically allocating different asset types between taxable, tax-free, and tax-deferred accounts.
  • Long-term investing: Where possible, investments are held for more than a year, securing favorable treatment under the tax code.
  • Low portfolio turnover: high portfolio turnover can increase transaction costs and create a potential tax liability.

Once the client-advisor relationship is established, your investments are monitored daily, measured against your investment objectives, and communicated to you frequently.

Accountable to You

Being a fee-based independent investment advisor, Cowling Bay Wealth Management can offer a genuinely comprehensive investment solution. And as an independent, fiduciary advisory firm, we’re proud to be accountable solely to our clients.